The group are all based as a castle Shiro Chisana, where they are notable members of the family living there or closely connected.

The Shinjo Satsujin is their immediate ruler, and he is a minor provincial daimyo.

His second in command, Shinjo Muchina, takes care of the organising of the castle, nearby village and province.

He also has a karo, Ide Atarashi, who is newly appointed to the province from a Unicorn Clan higher-up.

Near to the castle is a small village, Chisana Mura, which provides most of the goods and taxes for the province.

The province is small, but large enough to contain a forst (Akusho Mori), a small river (Chisana River) and a notable resorce (BOON-X) that makes the province run at a profit.

Family Matter