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The group are all based as a castle SHIRO-X, where they are notable members of the family living there or closely connected.

The DAIMYO-X is their immediate ruler, and he is a minor provincial daimyo.

His second in command, HATAMOTO-X, takes care of the organising of the castle, nearby village and province.

He also has a karo, KARO-X, who is newly appointed to the province from a CLAN-X higher-up.

Near to the castle is a small village, MURA-X, which provides most of the goods and taxes for the province.

The province is small, but large enough to contain a forst (MORI-X), a small river (RIVER-X) and a notable resorce (BOON-X) that makes the province run at a profit.

== SHIRO-X ==
Notable locations/personae in SHIRO-X

  • DAIMYO-X, personal quarters.
  • HATAMORO-X, personal quarters.
  • KARO-X, personal quarters.
  • House Guard, barracks, holds max two dozen members. Captain has own room.
  • Stables. Stable Master + Son.

== MURA-X ==
Notable locations/personae in MURA-X

  • Merchants (2). Blacksmith (1). Inn (1). Gambling House (1). Sake Houses (2)
  • MAGISTRATE-X, a clan magistrate assigned to this province. a couple of servants/doshin. +yoriki?

== MORI-X ==

Upstream along river. Small, providing a steady but small supply of timber for village/castle.

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